Autogenerate report every day without duplicates


I'd like to generate a report that updates every day with the tasks due in the next 7 days. Then, once that task is completed, it comes off the report. I've figure out how to get it off the report; just having an issue with the first part.

I created an automation in the project plan to copy rows at a certain time every day that had a completion date in the next 7 days, fell within a certain workstream, and if the health met a certain criteria (would not include completed). I have successfully gotten it to copy to the other sheet, but it will give me duplicates of the same tasks that are still open every day when it runs the report. My next thought was to do an automation, in the sheet where I'm having the information copied over to, where all old info would delete and the new info would be added at the same time, thus fixing my duplication issue, but I'm not sure how to go about doing this. Or is there an easier, or another, way I haven't thought of?

Thank you!

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