How can I set user input to trigger a workflow but not other changes?

kebern ✭✭✭
edited 04/20/23 in Smartsheet Basics

I have built an inventory lending library for our staff. In my Inventory Checked Out Sheet, I have a contact field called Checkout Final. The person who is listed in that contact field can update the Checkout Final field to list someone else via a Dynamic View (e.g. when they are transferring a loan to a co-worker). I want a workflow to notify the new person who is entered when this happens.

I set up the following—


Trigger: When rows are changed > When Checkout Final changes to: Any Value > Run workflow when triggered

Actions:  Alert someone — Send to contacts in a cell: Checkout Final

—which did not work because it was also being triggered when rows were moved to this sheet from my Inventory Request Sheet at the time of checkout.

How can I set something up to automatically notify a new provider when a loan is transferred to them without the initial checkout also triggering the workflow?

I created a Modified system column in the Inventory Checked Out sheet, and am wondering if I can somehow use that to more accurately the trigger for the notification workflow; possibly by adding a condition block to the above workflow—


Where Modified is in the last (days): 1

—but this won't work because I have a daily Record Date set up to refresh the status of items (and regardless I think the row move would still update the Modified field and trigger the workflow too).

I suppose I can add an additional field that the original person in Checkout Final has to update when they enter a new contact and trigger off of that (a checkbox or a status selection maybe). Is that going to be the best way to accomplish this?

Thanks in advance!