Salesforce Connector Sync - Don't send automation if not synced?

We use SF connector as our go between. We send a lot of automations out from Smartsheet for various reasons. Is there a way for an automation to not send if a row is no longer synced with the connector? IE a customer cancels and therefore is no longer synced and is filtered out by connector. We don't want the daily automation going to them. We delete them daily, but sometimes we have something come up and cant get to it before the automation fires out. Figured there has to be a way.


  • HeatherD.
    HeatherD. Moderator

    Hi @Travis Ryan!

    I can think of a couple of different options for this. Both involve the use of a helper column with a column formula, and adding a condition block to your automation.

    Option 1: PARENT column

    • Insert a new text/number column
    • In the text/number column, use the formula =PARENT([Issue Key]@row)
    • Convert to column formula. This will pull in the parent value from the Issue Key column for all rows. You will see that, for the rows that have been filtered out, it pulls in "Filtered out by Connector—not synced"
    • In your automation, add a condition block where Parent is not one of "Filtered out by Connector—not synced"

    Option 2: Checkbox column

    • Insert a new checkbox column. (I called mine Exclude, but you can call it whatever you'd like!)
    • In the checkbox column, use the formula =PARENT([Issue Key]@row)="Filtered out by Connector—not synced"
    • Convert to column formula. This will check the box for only the rows that have been filtered out by the Connector.
    • In your automation, add a condition block where your checkbox column is not checked.

    Both of these options should ensure that your automation is not triggered for rows that are indented under the "Filtered out by Connector—not synced" row. Hope this is helpful!