How to move an item in Calendar view and ensure it also updates the finish date in Grid view?

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Hi Everyone,

I'm working on a social media calendar. I have these columns: 1) Copy, 2) Start Date and 3) Finish Date.

When I drag and move the post in Calendar view, it updates the Start date to the new day, but the finish date stays the same. What function can I use for this?


I have Post #1 with a start date of April 25 in grid view and finish date of April 25.

I switch to Calendar view and I drag and drop Post #1 into April 27th. I go back to Grid view and the start date column has correctly changed the date to April 27th, but the Finish date remains at April 25th. You can see a screenshot below.

Is there a function I could use to ensure the finish date also updates along with the start date when I move a post in calendar view?

The reason why we want the dates to align is because we will be dragging and dropping posts all over the calendar as the date changes during planning and it's a lot more manual to be changing the end date every time.



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