Mid 2023 - Smartsheet Move/Copy row still all or Nothing?

Charlesdavid Allen
edited 05/10/23 in Smartsheet Basics

Any update on this from Smartsheet or a roadmap to do the same?


Like many of you I have data (lets call them projects). They come in as an idea on a form, users supply some data, it is verified, and achieves a stage to move on, When it moves on it has accrued much data that does not need to move with it so only SOME columns need to be created in another sheet with the same data.

Now I know we can do some index/match, but for large complex, many user environments that get resorted regularly, copy/move is a better option.

2023 saw some increases in row counts/cell counts etc but this would seem unnecessary if as things moved from stage to stage to stage, and thus team to team to team, they did not pickup hundreds of extra columns along the way.


Any solutions newer than "Helper Sheets", or accruing large volumes of unnecessary columns; These have been our only options for some years now.