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Sherry Fox
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I have been lurking for a while, simply reading all the help I can get in the community, and I thought it was time I introduced myself. My name is Sherry Barnes-Fox. I am a Project Analyst over at Medtronic for over a year and a half now. I didn't know anything about Smartsheet when I came here, and I have quickly become my teams SS expert. I have found that is good and bad. Good for obvious reasons, the bad comes from when someone needs a new miracle created in SS, the work comes to me! LOL By trade Excel is my forte as 20+ year Analyst. Smartsheet is similar but not the same, both offer great options, and I find that I prefer one over the other based on the projects we are working on. I have started creating "metrics Sheets" for most projects, as I have the need to count items other than numbers. I coun t the number of projects (or tasks) at each status, byh each resource, etc. So with the use of a Metrics sheet, I can use COUNTIF and SUMIF to make these calculations for use in my Dashboards.

Sherry Fox

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