Return Row ID / Row link in cell?


Hi all,

Looking to leverage a function that clearly exists in Smartsheet, but doesn't appear to be a user-side feature:


I have a report with two sources. Essentially one is an intake log generating new 'Change Request' UIDs, whereas the second source is approved requests which are given 'Change Order' UIDs. I have an index(collect()) column formula in both sheets that allows us to cross-reference the UIDs.

Problem with current state:

Currently the UIDs are hyperlinks where they are the source sheet, but text only for the index(collect()) reference. Users have to find the order, see the UID for the request, then go navigate to the request in the report, then follow that hyperlink to the source sheet, or manually look this up directly in the source sheet.

Returning a hyperlink for the indirect reference would streamline navigation considerably since we're dealing with a high volume of records.


Address to the row link or row ID property via some formula / function in a cell so that cell value can be displayed via index(collect()) in locations where this row is relevant, but indirect.

Feels like this should just be a standard shell function =@rowID or =@rowlink


In properties, each row in a sheet has a unique Row ID and Row Link.

When I run a report, the native 'Sheet Name' column displays a hyperlink that is not only to the source sheet, but directly to the sheet row from which the report is pulling. I assume this is addressing to the Row Link.

I've seen some threads suggesting to manually copy the row link to a cell on that row, which would technically work, but is absolutely not scalable or automated and therefore a no-go.

Thanks in advance for any ideas / suggestions!


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