Need help with an NETWORKDAYS formula to pause the day count when a Status is selected

I need help with a NETWORKDAYS formula that will count TODAY() if Escalation Completed Date is blank and pause day count if the Escalation Progress is "Phase 0: On-Hold" and the column for On-Hold Date has a date recorded (and will still count as TODAY() if blank).

Current Formula I am trying after searching in the SS community; it is returning an "#Invalid Data Type" error when it should return an ongoing day count from the start date or day count from On-Hold Date that is set.

=NETWORKDAYS([Start Date]51, IF(ISBLANK([Escalation Completed Date]29), TODAY(), [Escalation Completed Date]29), AND(IF(ISBLANK([On-Hold Date]29), 0, [On-Hold Date]29)))

My original formula that was working perfectly before trying to add an On-Hold Date column with a workflow to record a date when the status "Phase 0: On-Hold" is selected:

I also have a workflow for Escalation Completed Date to record when the Escalation Progress status is "Phase 5: Escalation Completed - Closed"

If possible I would like to accomplish pausing the NETWORKDAYS count when the status is "Phase 0: On-Hold" without using a date column and workflow date recording.

TIA for all the help!


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