How to Generate List of All Smartsheet Objects I can Access?

Cory Strischek
Cory Strischek ✭✭✭✭
edited 05/09/23 in API & Developers

Hello, I have records management policies and often need to get a list of all of the Workspaces, Sheets, Reports, and Dashboards I can at least view as an account member. I typically use the "Access.csv" report to do this, but it does not include a few useful things. I'm wondering if maybe there are workarounds I can employ to get these.

Access CSV includes:

  • Workspace Name
  • Name of object (name of sheet, etc)
  • Type (report, sheet, dashboard)
  • Owner
  • Shared To
  • Shared To Permission
  • Key (is this static? relative to the user?)
  • Last Modified Date

I also need:

  • Address (hyperlink)
  • ID (the one shown in "properties")
  • Workspace Address
  • Last Modified By
  • Created Date
  • Created By

Does anyone know if I can get an address from the Key? They value for Key here cannot be used to create the standard address, as far as I can tell.

Or, are there any tutorials or relevant discussions on how to get this detail into a recurring export or Smartsheet via Bridge?