Cannot save imported sheet


I wanted to incorporate a project sheet into a folder with other sheets but the permissions are such that I'm not able to move the sheet into the desired folder.

As a workaround, I exported the sheet to excel, created a new sheet in the desired folder and then imported the sheet into the new project sheet I created.

Everything looked fine in the new sheet, but I can't seem to save the new sheet, and when I close it and then reopen it, the imported data is gone.

Do sheet permissions carry through the export/import process?


  • Lucas Rayala
    Lucas Rayala ✭✭✭✭✭✭
    edited 05/11/23

    Hi @JWood, I think I know what the problem is -- you are using the File "Import Microsoft Excel" command. This always creates a new sheet. It's probably being created in your "Sheets" folder. That's why, when you go back to the folder and look inside the file you think you added the information too, the data is missing. It was never actually "Imported" into the sheet to begin with. Your best bet may be to cut and paste the data into the final sheet, just be aware you can only cut/paste 500 lines of data at a time.

  • JWood
    JWood ✭✭

    Thanks Lucas,

    I still couldn't find the sheet created by the import process.

    However I did end up cut/pasting the dating.