AVE or AVERAGEIF when refrencing another sheet

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I have my master sheet set up with a duration column. I've been trying to build a formula on my metrics sheet that will allow me to average the duration column based on who is assigned that purchase order. I've tried two formulas, one using AVE and the other using AVERAGEIF and both return the #UNPARSABLE error.

The first formula I tried is:

=AVERAGEIF({Assigned}:{Assigned}, @cell = [Column2]$20, {Duration}:{Duration})

And the second:

=IF({Assigned}, @cell = [Column2]$20, AVG({Duration}:{Duration}))

I'm using the name as it appears in the contact list on the master sheet, which has been working for other formulas I've created

I'd appreciate any help at all, and if there's any other information I can provide, please let me know.

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