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Switching/Resetting/Retrofitting to Default Bill Rates in Resource Manager

We've discovered a legacy rogue bill rate, applied during our initial Project upload some months ago. This rate has affected a number of users and reset their rate card to $1. This cannot be reversed or amended at a system level. It has to be manually deleted at a project level. Then a new bill rate applied to the individual user, also at a project level. We're talking 15-20 users and 100's of projects already live and underway.

The option to reset (or switch) bill rates to default at a client/project level seems fairly fundamental in a system of this nature. Even outside of this 'rogue' bill rate, I imagine retainers, rate cards and project fees are negotiated and refined constantly at a business or client level.

The very manual nature of the solution also creates further issues with margin of error; we're a company of 90+ users, 100's of Projects and thousands of work items and phases. To have no options but to manually edit every single person, assigned to every single project is... daunting.

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