Automation Decision Tree...

Leo_Catt ✭✭
edited 05/16/23 in Smartsheet Basics


I am attempting an approval workflow matrix - here are the parameters:

11 Sites with 11 approval Groups.

Approvals piggyback on the last group:

Example: If the ask is under say

1,000, then 3 people are sent approvals.

IF the ask is between 1,000 and 2,000. the above 3 people approve with 2 more that are asked to approve

and on and on.

I have tried to create the automation by building Automation for each ask category (1K, between 1K - 2K) But Im running into issues. Are there any tricks that you have to make a clear decision tree? variables? If A is picked, then Automation B and on?

I appreciate anyone's suggestions.