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Portfolio WorkApp - Allow Program Leads to Transfer Project Ownership


Control Center program leads cannot currently transfer Portfolio WorkApp project ownership from one owner to another. This is a challenge especially for employees who depart suddenly and we lose control for what name displays as the "Owner" in the Portfolio WorkApp's Project List tab. Removing the departed employee from groups / shared items breaks the Project WorkApp, and must be re-shared to be functional.

"Transfer app ownership" only exists for the Project Owner, not available for the Control Center Program Lead. Users must be deactivated with license intact for Project WorkApp to continue being operational.


  1. Allow "Transfer App Ownership" for Control Center Program Leads
  2. If a user is listed as a Project WorkApp Owner, a safeguard should be in place to warn the Program Lead that removing from groups / shared items / license will break the Project WorkApp. Otherwise make it so removal does not break the system.

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