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Column type "Switch" - acts as flag, customizable dialogue box, only admin can unselect it


I have an automation set up for a column that once flagged, an email goes out to a specific group with a message, and relevant row details.

What would be better, is if there was a switch option, such that once someone clicks on the flag, a dialogue box pops up that says "Selecting this flag is a permanent action that cannot be undone. It will send an email to {emailaddress} with the following details: [message body] [column header 1] [column header etc]. Do you wish to proceed with this selection? [Yes] [No]"

Allow the dialogue box to be customizable for the user, and create more robust actions around this switch. Allow for admin to edit how "permanent" it is, maybe just have it freeze for 5 minutes to prevent spam, or have it frozen forever so no one can send a duplicate email until the admin changes it.

Ideally this would be a huge driver for automations. Currently, it's way too easy for someone to spam click the flag and have multiple emails go out, or unselect it and forget that they already sent the email and then reselect it later.

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