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Ok so I'm not very familiar with INDEX/MATCH formulas but I'll explain what the goal is. So I have the first set listing all the materials. Now on the second picture I have what was delivered. There will be multiple orders under Order History that will list the same item. I want all those items summed up and placed in the Total Received column where it lists Current Materials. I've tried using =INDEX([Total Received]:[Total Received], MATCH("JUS28", [Item]:[Item], 71, 73) as an example but it's saying incorrect, and on top of that I'm hoping I don't need to stop at 73, I'm looking for it to be 71 until infinity because I'm going to continue adding orders until that Project is finished. The last Parent row that says deliveries is information entered through a form and the only info that goes there is Delivery Date and Vendor so nothing will be in the other columns below that row.

Side note I realize my materials have ", I don't mind removing those if that's going to be an issue in the formula. Hoping someone can help!


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