Auto number column type and copy rows workflow

I have two sheets that utilize the auto number column for tracking two different things. sheet two has all of the data sheet one has, including the ID that is autogenerated on sheet one (manual input into sheet two), but it also has additional columns such as the autogenerated sheet two ID. I wanted to create a workflow that copies a row from sheet one into sheet two every time a new row is added. This piece is easy, however, when the workflow is triggered, it sees that both sheets utilize an auto number column type. Although the two columns are named differently, it adds the auto number from sheet one into the auto number column for sheet two, regardless of if the number has been used already in sheet two. This totally negates the point of having an auto number column to maintain a unique id. Does anyone have any work arounds? I would love for Smartsheet to address this as I'm not sure a work around exists.

Note: A report will not work as a work around. The data from sheet one has to be in sheet 2.