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Prevent sheet from trying to display all proofs on opening or after saving


We have a Smartsheet that tracks the illustrations for an educational program, and it now has close to 1,000 rows, one for each illustration, each with a proof. For some reason the sheet sometimes will try to open with the right-hand proof pane set to "all" instead of "row," and when it does, the whole screen locks up with a "page unresponsive" message for as much as ten minutes at a time while it tries to load all the proofs.

We have many users for this sheet, and it is hard to get the word to everyone that it's not crashed, please don't try to refresh the screen, just go get a cup of coffee and come back in a while. I personally have lost a LOT of time waiting for this sheet to unfreeze. I have become good at closing the proof pane every time before I save or leave the sheet, but sometimes it just decides to open that way anyway.

An obvious fix would be to break the sheet into several smaller ones, but right now that is not an option.

Could there be some way to add a setting to have the proof pane open to "row" by default, so the user has to click on "all" to see them that way?

Thanks for your consideration.

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