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Optimizing Email Notifications


Using Smartsheet for a complicated project, there are some issues we are having with the email notification system in Smartsheet that make it inefficient and not particularly useful. It has the potential to be a major strength for the software, however, we have identified the following issues that have instead made it unusable and generally ignored by our project staff.

1. Most importantly, and frustratingly absent, is the lack of direct linking from the email notification to the actual line item in a Smartsheet tracker. At the moment it simply opens the sheet and you have to scroll through to find the line item that you were notified about via email. It simply needs to be optimized so that users are directly linked to the task.

2. To optimize the details of the notification system, the option to include the parent and child line items will provide more detail to the recipients of the notification email.

3. Enhancement of the notification frequency options would be ideal and most user-friendly. Specifically, the option to cluster notifications being received from at minimum a sheet, or best case scenario a Workspace.

4. While the addition of a separate desktop app has been a good addition, the notifications are still only linking to the website version. This is not efficient and/or motivation for people to use the desktop app if they are continuously being linked back to the website.

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