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Automated email with link to particular row

We use SS for project management. When a task needs to be handed off to a new person (the next step in the project) we set up an automated email that lets them know. Unfortunately, there is no way to include a link to the particular project row in the email. The email only includes a link to the entire spreadsheet.

Our current workaround has been to tag the user in a comment, which does send them an email w/ a link to the row. This is not ideal as it causes 2 emails to be sent every time a project is handed off to a new staff person.

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  • spauliszyn
    spauliszyn ✭✭✭

    The same can be said for sending approvals. The email has a link to the entire sheet and not the specific row that needs to be approved. Kind'a complicated when the approver has to do a search or set up a filter for the ID number or something like that.

    Should be a temporary filter specific to the notification or approval request. When they navigate away the filter is lost but they can get it again by clicking the link in the email

  • Samuel Mueller
    Samuel Mueller Overachievers
    edited 02/14/24

    @3djeff this is currently possible sort of.. it's not perfect (like if you are in a workapps). However, I agree with adding it built into an automation, that would be nice. You could implement a process to copy this link into a column and send that with the automation, or if you have Bridge you could automate this:

    This is what the link looks like :