Formula or Workflow for Expiration Date Notifications?

Need help with Workflow or Formula!

I have a sheet set up with rows of social content assets, columns of information about each asset including their date of first use, and then their date of expiration. I need to create notifications that will send an email at 60 days, then at 45 days, then at 30 days, then at 15 days, then finally at 7 days in advance of the expiration date for each individual row's expiration cell. Here is one of the workflows I have set-up.

The problem is that when it runs it sends alerts for all assets that are expiring within 60 days, meaning we get multiple notifications for the assets, not just once on the date 60 days in advance of the expiration. Does that make sense? How can I adjust these Workflows to work properly and/or do I need to use column based formulas too?

Appreciate any insights you may be able to provide!



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