Nested IF troubles


I'm looking to do a NestedIF formula where I set up a predictive "Projected Ship Date" column to use additional columns to the below (old screenshot, but I figured it indicated appropriately enough). Not sure what part I have incorrect- but I am getting an #Incorrect Argument Set error.

Formula I'm using: =IF([LNP Formulation]@row = "Yes", [Capping Estimate]@row + 14, [Capping Actual]@row + 14, IF([LNP Formulation]@row = "No", [Capping Estimate]@row + 7, [Capping Actual]@row + 7))

The goal is IF I have a "Yes" in the column [LNP Formulation], then add 14 days to from date in [Capping Estimate] but if there is a date in [Capping Actual], use that instead. In addition to that is if [LNP Formulation] say "No", do the same as above, but use +7 not 14.

HELP, making me crazy!

Jen Lawson, PMP

Vernal Biosciences

Colchester, VT 05446


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