Free Users Cannot Comment/Update Rows in Smartsheet (PRO Plan)

I have been a Smartsheet user for years. I recently added a new (PRO Plan) account for a personal business. The free users in this account CANNOT update the Smartsheets via website even though they have been given permission. They can, however, update the sheets via the iPhone app.

NOTE: I put in a support ticket 8 days ago and it has yet to be assigned, so I am looking for any assistance I can get from the community.




  • Ken Armstrong
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    Yeah that is an odd one. A support ticket is what I would have done as well.

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  • Genevieve P.
    Genevieve P. Employee Admin

    Hey @knoxvillenate

    Sharing and collaborating on a Pro plan is different than other plans. In order for your collaborators to Edit data, they'll need to be licensed on your specific plan. Otherwise they will only be able to View content, regardless of the sharing level you've provided to them (this includes free users as well as users licensed on other plans).

    Here's the documentation on this: Sharing and widgets in the Pro plan