Dropdown List Alternative with Automatic List Update and Dynamic List Features

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edited 05/26/23 in Show & Tell

There have been many requests for improvements to the Dropdown list from Smartsheet Community.

The two most typical requests are

Regarding the first automatic updating of the list, users want a master sheet of dropdown lists, so changing the list will change the options on the target sheet's dropdown lists. Since this functionality is unavailable, the user must manually update the list.

As for the second, dynamically changing the list of the following selections based on previous selections,  some mimic dynamic or dependent dropdown lists, using form logic to display a specific column of choices based on the previous selections, preparing columns for the options in advance. However, this method also requires manual preparation of the columns of choices and works only for the form.

To solve this problem, we have devised a workaround that displays a list of two-digit numeric IDs and dropdown list items in a cell so that users can enter the two-digit numeric IDs corresponding to a list item.

Although it is not as easy as a dropdown list, where you can click on a choice and the selection is complete, our method only requires you to enter a two-digit number, so it is not much of a hassle. You can prepare the two-digit number choices and have the user click on them.

To try this solution, please refer to the sample dashboard in the following link.

For more information, please refer to our homepage article and Youtube video in the following links.