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I am struggling with a formula, I have watched several videos and read posts from others and I still cannot figure it out.

I want to pull all the costs for a specific boat (location) and have those costs (extended cost) added together on a summary sheet.

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  • Kelly Moore
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    Hey @Barbara S

    The SUMIFS function will achieve what you need. Because the data source is a different sheet (cross sheet) you will need to create the reference to each column manually using the formula window. The 'reference Another Sheet' link will pop up automatically whenever you begin typing in a function

    Your range names will be different on your sheet. You can rename the generically generated names to make them more descriptive. You will find this good practice will help you troubleshoot formulas.

    =SUMIFS({MASTER-WOMS 2023 Extended Cost column},{MASTER-WOMS 2023 Location column},[Primary Column]@row)

    If you haven't seen this already, this post may be useful for you.

    Will this work for you?



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