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Mapping Diagram/ Export Documentation of workflows


Can the automation workflows be exported into a mapping configuration for documentation and recording purposes?

Is there a tool or app that anyone uses for this?

Part of our IT process is documentation, and having a way to explain in a visual mapping of all the sheets, reports, workflows, and dashboard components would be very helpful so then we can easily fix any broken pieces, update any changes, training new members and duplicate for future solutions.

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  • Cole Frank
    Cole Frank ✭✭✭✭

     Having a flowchart with every automation process so you could see the full picture and how everything is connected. Because having a list of 30 automation can get confusing

  • Nikkig
    Nikkig ✭✭✭

    Can the automation workflows (actions and conditions) be viewed in a map/tree format and made searchable? Often, I need to update a action/condition in multiple places. It would be easier, if I could search for all of the places that the action/condition exists within a workflow.

    Also, for documentation purposes can the workflows be exported in a map/tree format. Sometimes I set up the same action in more than one workflow, not realizing it until an email is generated multiple times. Usually, when I copy/paste a message and miss updating the pasted message. At that point I must click on each automation to find the alert.

  • Stephanie Kiecker
    Stephanie Kiecker ✭✭✭✭
    edited 03/21/24
  • TrevorJC18

    This idea follows on from two other ideas I posted:

    • Add a description field for a workflow
    • Generate a workflow diagram for sheet automation

    If we have these two things it might be possibly to auto-generate a document that explains the whole sheet automation.

    Seems like AI might be applied here.

    I'm adding these ideas because I just went through this - creating a document that starts with a workflow diagram and then goes through the automation in the sequence I expect the workflows to be triggered, containing a description of what each individual workflow does.

    I have seen other posts asking how to document sheet automation but I didn't see anything that suggested how this could be auto-generated by SmartSheet.