Brandfolder Panel is now in Smartsheet EU!

Nathan Malone
Nathan Malone Employee
edited 06/02/23 in Product Announcements

Hi Community, 

The Brandfolder panel in Smartsheet is now available in Smartsheet EU. If you’re a Brandfolder and Smartsheet customer, you can use the panel to:

  • Attach Brandfolder assets to Smartsheet sheets and rows
  • Upload files to Brandfolder from Smartsheet using rows as tags / custom fields
  • View asset insights and usage data on any Brandfolder asset
  • Create proofs from Brandfolder assets 

Eligible for Smartsheet customers with Business and Enterprise plans and all plan levels of Brandfolder. Brandfolder SmartCDN will need to be enabled to attach assets from Brandfolder.

Navigate to the feature bar on the right side of the Smartsheet UI and click the Brandfolder logo. From that point, click “Connect to Brandfolder” and enter your Brandfolder API key. From there, you can now use Smartsheet and Brandfolder in tandem.

Refer to help documentation for more information.

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Nathan Malone