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Track Date Changes & WBS


Dear SmSh, 

I have two issue:


Issue One :

We have submit our plan to client, then during implementation we have delay and date change. how to track the changes ? 

Issue Two: 

I found sample  WBS sample https://www.smartsheet.com/free-work-breakdown-structure-templates here but couldnt found in the templete. how to draw box as per sample ? 



  • Shaine Greenwood


    I'll answer your questions in the order delivered—

    Issue One: If you're wanting to see when the last update was made to a row, you can add a "Modified (Date)" system column to your sheet. Details on this are in the System Columns help article.

    Let me know if you're wanting to track date changes in a different way.

    Issue Two:  The Smartsheet template for this is Basic Project with Gantt & Dependencies. To find this template, log into your Smartsheet account and click on your Home tab. Click Create New and select Browse Templates, then search for that template by name.

  • Dear Shaine, 

    Thank you for the respond. 

    Unfortunely both i not full answer.

    For the first one, i have add the modified collumn but how to link the set date with new date. The objective is to trace delay and how many days of any changes. I hope they are solution on this matter. 

    For the second, i couldn't find the template. May u provide the link. 

    Thank you

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