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Option to Maintain Links when Moving or Copying a Row to a New Sheet


Develop a function, to provide the user with an option when using automation to MOVE or COPY a row to a new sheet, that will preserve the smartsheet cell link already in the cells of the row.

Use Case:

Often users build out sheets that utilize cell linking. When moving or copying a row to a new sheet, the links are not maintained, and only static data is transferred (moved or copied). The user would then need to re-create all the links in the destination sheet.

New Function:

When selecting to MOVE or COPY to a new destination sheet, offer an option to the user to select if they would like to maintain the existing cell links when the data is transferred to the destination sheet.


  • Data Accuracy in the destination sheet
  • Time savings for the user, especially in complex sheet data usage
  • Increased likelihood of usage of the MOVE or COPY functionality

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