How to link only to parent level data in source sheet?

Hauger ✭✭
edited 02/28/24 in Formulas and Functions


I am wanting to link cells so that the column in my destination sheet contains only the data in parent-level rows on my source sheet. Right now when I link and highlight the source column, it pulls in the indented levels also. Or it will leave blank spaces in my destination sheet where the source sheet may have indented rows.

Is there a way to link so that only the parent-level rows' data is pulled into the destination sheet (without blank rows between)?

I've included some example photos. In the first image, the highlighted data are what I'd like to link to my destination sheet (either column, it doesn't matter to me which one). Second image is what displays when I choose either of those columns to link (even if I collapse all the parent rows on the source sheet). The red dots are rows I'm wanting to NOT populate if possible.

Maybe a formula makes more sense than Linking?


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