Introduction - Hello Smartsheet Users!

Hi All,

I was introduced to smartsheet three years when I began working as a project coordinator for AdventHealth when smartsheet had just been been introduced within my department and usage was rare. Thanks to the smartsheet's Help & Learning Center and my excel expertise, I have been labeled a smartsheet "guru" by our teams and use smartsheet daily. We have been able to advance our Smartsheet utilization and get many requests for assistance or introduction to Smartsheet for other departments workflow processes and projects. I was recently promoted to project manager and use smartsheet daily to track projects/information and create high level overview dashboards.

Like others in this group, I've recognized as a Smartsheet Automagician in the top 5% of automation users! I'm looking forward to becoming a smartsheet overachiever some day and plan on being more active in this community. I'm also planning on taking the core product and project management certification along the way.

I really appreciate the community discussions shared that have helped me along the way and look forward to exploring and contributing to the smartsheet community :)