Why is my destination sheet not showing for copying a row in a workflow?

Tailoring Manager
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I can copy a row from my original sheet to my destination sheet manually, but the destination doesn't show up when I try to set up a workflow. I have admin access to both the original sheet and the destination sheet. Any ideas?

The images show how I have access to the UWM Shipping Record under "Sheets", but when I open possible destination sheets to copy over it doesn't appear. Again, I do have admin access even though it's shared.

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  • Tailoring Manager
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    @Carson Penticuff

    I'm admin on both the original sheet and the destination sheet, AND the sheet owner of the original sheet is also admin to the destination sheet. Does the owner of the destination sheet need to be admin to the original sheet?

    I'm still confused by all of this because right now I can manually copy rows over to the destination sheet without a problem. It's only when I try to set up a workflow that the destination sheet doesn't show up as an option.

  • Genevieve P.
    Genevieve P. Employee Admin
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    Hey @Tailoring Manager

    As long as the owner of the current sheet is shared to the destination sheet with Admin permissions, then you're correct: the sheet should appear to move or copy rows to. Can you double check to make sure the same email/account was used in sharing on the destination sheet?