Gantt Chart Display and Behavior - Open to today's date mysteriously gets unchecked.

After I have checked Open to today's date for my project setting, it gets unchecked in a couple of minutes. Is anyone else experiencing this?


  • StevenBlackburnMBA
    StevenBlackburnMBA ✭✭✭✭✭

    Do you have system administrator access? Might be an administration option. Only other technical thing I can think of at first glance is to ensure the current date's of the project do not show the project has been completed and that today's date does not fall outside of the GANTT chart's scope of project dates.


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  • Thanh H
    Thanh H ✭✭

    Thanks for the response.

    I am the sheet owner and system admin.

    I use the sheet to track multiple projects that are in progress or planned, so there's always a date in the future beyond today's date.

  • Andrée Starå
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    edited 06/28/23

    Hi @Thanh H

    I hope you're well and safe!


    If you haven’t already, I recommend submitting a support ticket through the new Smartsheet Support Portal.

    I hope that helps!

    Be safe, and have a fantastic week!


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  • Thanh H
    Thanh H ✭✭

    Thanks for the suggestion. I haven't had great luck with support with the plan we have. On my last ticket, their response was: "Due to higher-than-anticipated customer requests, we are unable to respond to your support case in a timely manner and are closing this case. We encourage you to utilize our self-service resources including the Smartsheet Community and the Smartsheet Help Center."