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When are the LARGE and SMALL formulas coming?

Brent Nathan
edited 12/09/19 in Archived 2017 Posts

Can we please get an update on these formulas? I was told quite a while ago that large and small formulas were being added, but 2 product updates have come and now I am not getting a response in the original thread about ETA's.


Thank you.



  • Pretty disappointing that nobody will acknowledge either thread after promising implementation...

  • Brent,

    I apologize for the delay both in responding and in the formula implementation.

    I met with the developer this morning, and and he is making some improvements to the formulas, then they will be put through our QA process.

    If there are no blocking issues (and I don't imagine there will be) we will be able to release them the third week of August (approx). 

    Here is the syntax if you are interested:

    LARGE(range, position)

    SMALL(range, position)

    =LARGE(Column2:Column20, 3)

    This will return the third largest number in Column 2.

    =SMALL(Column2:Column20, 1)

    This will return the smallest number in Column 2.

    Thank you, and please let me know if you have questions.



    Smartsheet Product Manager

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