Formula for Status Summary Report and Project Task Completion

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Hi Smartsheet Team,

I have the following charts. Left one, I retrieve the data from Status Summary Report. On the right side, I have the formula to calculate the Project task completion. However, you will see the complete % is different between these 2.

My "Not Started" in Sheet Summary formula is =COUNTIFS([Count of Children]:[Count of Children], =0, Status:Status, "Not Started"). Can you advise how I can make these 2 charts figures consistent? Thanks!


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    Hi There,

    Both of the values might not be consistent as the % Complete formula (that is auto applied) looks at duration and not just the number of tasks. In comparison, your countif formula is only looking at the number of tasks. A suggestion to best represent both of them without causing this confusion would be to show the "Tasks by Status" chart as absolute numbers (i.e., number of tasks by status instead of percentages) and leave the "Project Task Completion" as a percentage.


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    Good Idea, Aravind. Thank you!