Simple Inventory Formula

Help, maybe I am overthinking this or going about it all wrong. I'm trying to create a SIMPLE inventory tracker, it does not include costs. I have a request form where users request an item and I want to subtract it from the existing stock on hand, be able to replenish inventory and adjust inventory if someone audits the closet and finds they have more or less of something and then reflect the "adjusted" or "final" inventory # that I can pull into my dashboard or report.

In the screenshot below, my starting Current stock was "0" for the Mouse item, I "replensished" the mouse stock on another sheet that is linked into this sheet "5" from the replenished sheet. the Items Taken amount of "20" comes in from my tracker sheet which totals the item taken to date (I don't get into checked in and checked out, person I'm doing this for didn't need that).

I expect to see the Adjusted Stock to be "5" for Mouse as I started with 0 and replensished with 5. Every variation of formula and reference eithere gives me circular logic or the wrong amount. I guess I don't know how to keep the Current stock static and make the adjustments with the replenished and Items taken amounts?

I need to keep the current stock static and do the calculation for the "adjusted/new" stock. Then write that amount back to current stock for the next go around. Maybe I can't do this in one sheet and/or need a helper to "do the recalc". I'm getting myself more cofused each time.

Thanks in advance.


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