Automation Not Responding to VLOOKUP

Hello Everyone,

I have some data coming in from DataShuttle every morning to update status on pieces of work identified by 'OMNI #'s' (ex. OMNI123456). I have a formula in my sheet that looks at the OMNI number we put in then goes to the import from DataShuttle to find what the status was updated to that morning. Here is the column formula: =IFERROR(VLOOKUP([SN OMNI#]@row, {OMNI (Open)}, 8, false), VLOOKUP([SN OMNI#]@row, {OMNI (Closed)}, 7, false)) The formula works the way it was intended to.

I'd like a few automations to run on that status column to move the row to another sheet if the row is "Closed" or "Canceled," but for some reason my automations don't seem to be doing anything when I make the trigger around the SN Status column.

below are some screenshots...

To be clear, the automation is not sending out any email for approval or anything when the line is marked as closed.

Any guidence is appreciated!

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