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Hi Community, 

We’ve heard how much users love how the Data Shuttle dashboard links to a workflow’s source and target files and are now bringing the same feature to DataMesh! 

Now, when you view your configs at, you’ll be able to navigate back to the source and target from the DataMesh dashboard. 

When the sheet or report name is clicked on the DataMesh dashboard, it will open the linked item in a new tab. Source and Target names will update on the DataMesh dashboard if changed within Smartsheet. If “Not Found” is listed for the source or target, this indicates that either the sheet or report has been deleted or your access has been revoked, meaning that the DataMesh config can no longer find that item. 

DataMesh is available for licensed users on the Business plan, Enterprise plan, and/or Advance Silver/Gold/Platinum users. Find out more about DataMesh here.

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