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Last week we received some exciting news, thanks to you, our customers!

Smartsheet received the distinction of being Customers’ Choice in the 2023 Gartner Peer Insights ‘Voice of the Customer’ in the Collaborative Work Management market.

In fact, 98% of Smartsheet customers said they would recommend the platform.

This award is particularly special to us because it’s based on our customers and their Smartsheet experience.

"Enabling our customers to scale, automate, and derive intelligent insights from their work is at the center of everything we do. Having the emphatic, vocal support of our customers as we innovate for them across the dimensions of people, content, work and GenAI is incredibly energizing to our team." Mark Mader, CEO, Smartsheet

Join us in celebrating and enter to win some surprise Smartsheet swag. 

Tell us about a favorite Smartsheet memory.

Whether it was attending ENGAGE, getting a helpful tip from a peer on the Community platform or setting up an automation that changed the way you manage your tasks - we want to hear about it!

Drop your answer in the comments below. We will choose three winners at random to receive surprise Smartsheet swag. Winners will be announced on July 24 at 1pm PST so be sure to enter before then. (See full contest rules below.)

Cheers + Thanks again!



  • Sherry Fox
    Sherry Fox ✭✭✭✭✭✭
    edited 07/11/23

    My favorite Smartsheet memory, that is hard to choose. I am an Excel girl, so I had to learn the special parts of Smartsheet that make it different. Although they are similar, they are not the same, so I started on that learning curve. Then I started to learn what makes Smartsheet great (easy to create Forms, Automated Workflows, Views that are effortless to change). The idea is that Smartsheet allows me to create a simple form for the "end user" to provide their details (and add logic to collect additional information based on what is provided and specific criteria). With the use of Metrics sheets (I need to count various responses in each column rather than "sales" numbers, so I have determined a Metrics sheet works best to count, sum and calculate percentages of all my numbers. The boss just knows she gets a dashboard that she is proud to showcase to Senior Leadership. These parts are unique to Smartsheet, Excel, as much as I love it, does not have these features. And because of these wonderful features, as a developer of projects, they made me a "rock star" to my team. And ya got to love that. So now I am the Excel and Smartsheet Rockstar. I continue to push the envelope in my personal Smartsheet knowledge. I have had such fun working in Smartsheet over the last 1 1/2 years at my current job, I have decided to take the Smartsheet Core Product Certification exam!

    Sherry Fox

    Project Analyst | Core Quality Services (QMS Transformation)


    EAP | Mobilizer | Automagician | Superstar | Community Champion

  • Darla Brown
    Darla Brown Overachievers

    My favorite Smartsheet memory was when my boss asked for process improvements I created over 2022. When I handed her the list, she couldn't fit it on one PowerPoint slide, and we had to split it into two. This was part of her State of the Center presentation to the Senior Leadership Team and CSuite. They had no clue this was being done and were quite impressed. When she announced that I, her Executive Assistant, had done all of this work, they asked if I was in the right role. Of course, this made me smile. She adamantly stated I was where I needed to be. LOL But it was all due to Smartsheet and how intuitive the program is built. It's given me the confidence to build formulas, dashboards, metric sheets, and pivots. All of which I had zero capabilities to accomplish before being introduced to the wonder that is Smartsheet!

    And apparently, friends think I have a boyfriend named Smart Sheet. :D

    Darla Brown

    What you meditate on, you empower!

    Overachiever - Core Product Certified - Mobilizer - EAP

  • Alison Clancy
    Alison Clancy Employee Admin

    Shoutout to all the Overachievers and alumni who pitched in on this! Celebrating you every day is my favorite thing. ❤️

  • StevenBlackburnMBA
    StevenBlackburnMBA ✭✭✭✭✭

    My favorite Smartsheet moment is every moment when a user uses the systems we build, accomplish the goal of the project, and can be a part of the user's improved efficiency that makes their professional workload easier than ever before!


    -Smartsheet 2023 Core Product Certification

    -Smartsheet 2023 System Administrator Certification

  • ckeyler
    ckeyler ✭✭

    My favorite Smartsheet moment (to date!) was the first time I was able to present our New Product Development dashboard to our sales team. It was the most stimulating medium I have been able to engage them with in years! No more showing mundane lines of data and not having answers at my fingertips. The ability to show real-time project updates and manipulate the data on the fly to answer their questions was priceless. I haven't felt that powerful using a new software tool since the first time I used CAD. Thank you for changing the game!

  • Itai
    Itai ✭✭✭✭✭✭

    My favorite Smartsheet moment was when a friend told me about the 'URL query string to prefill different default values for the same form' - changed my life..

    I had around 1000 forms for our Customer Survey Program, after this tip........Down to 28 Forms!!!!

    Can you imagine trying to make the smallest change in 1000 different forms??? Well not anymore😎

    So there are some incredible tips out there from incredible people, learning new capabilities every day with Smarsheet.

    Itai Perez

    Project Manager | Transformation Department

    Gong cha

    If you found my comment helpful any reaction, Insightful, Awsome etc... would be appreciated🙂

  • Sam C
    Sam C ✭✭✭✭

    I love hearing the feedback from my team about how much of a difference Smartsheet has made for them, especially when using the automations and forms. The formatting is also fun to play with too, so many options and so little time 😁

  • Deanna Vandermeer
    Deanna Vandermeer Overachievers Alumni

    Honestly, I have SO MANY favorite Smartsheet memories it is hard to narrow it down to just one. From my very first discovery of Smartsheet (2017); to successfully getting my District's support, and funding, to purchase a few licenses; to attending my very first ever ENGAGE conference (2018); being selected as a Smartsheet Solutions Lead for the first ever Hack-a-Thon Event (2019); being chosen, and becoming a member of, the first group of Smartsheet Overachievers (2020); being nominated to participate as a panel speaker member for the ENGAGE 2020 virtual conference; becoming a Smartsheet Overachiever Alumni (2022) and finally being back in person for ENGAGE 2022 and, of course, being able to attend in person again for the upcoming ENGAGE 2023!!! All of this, plus my many Smartsheet Certifications that I have achieved are just a few reasons why I LOVE Smartsheet and why I have so many, many favorite memories. But my favorite memory is honestly when I see that "spark" or go off when I am working with a new licensed user and seeing their face light up with excitement when they finally experience for themselves the power that Smartsheet brings to the table when it comes to creating their solutions and processes and finally giving them back the most precious asset of all, TIME! Oh, and I forgot to mention, another favorite memory (and pass-time of mine) is collecting Community Badges and Smartsheet Swag! 😃

    Smartsheet Overachievers Alumni

  • Gina McK
    Gina McK ✭✭✭

    Favorite Smartsheet moment happens every time I learn something new & it allows me to provide a tool or resource to make my customers workflow easier and more efficient.

  • Paul Newcome
    Paul Newcome ✭✭✭✭✭✭

    @Deanna Vandermeer Of course we can't forget about badge and swag collecting. Hahaha.

  • PWNA Sam Harwart
    PWNA Sam Harwart ✭✭✭✭✭

    Sharing a new dashboard with a user is always rewarding. It's great to be able to share something you know will help make their workday better.