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Comment Replies via Email in EU Smartsheet


Please note that this Product idea is specific to the EU instance of Smartsheet, as this feature/functionality already exists and works in "standard" Smartsheet.

When using the @ feature for commenting, and then email goes to a User who has appropriate permission level, it would be super if the recipient could reply to the Comment directly via email using standard email reply functionality, and have the reply Comment automatically get logged in the sheet comment thread, rather than having to log into the Sheet/report, etc..

We have senior executives who will not log into Smartsheet and who will simply Reply to the email. The comment does come into Email, but we have no way to append it to the Comments section now, other than a very inefficient copy and paste, which loses names etc..

Again, this functionality is standard in Smartsheet but not in the EU instance of Smartsheet, per Tier 3 Support engineers at Smartsheet.

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