'Assigned to' names & tasks not showing up from in Card View

Latreva Washington
edited 07/12/23 in Smartsheet Basics


I am having an issue getting the names from the assigned and assigned to columns from GRID VIEW to automatically populate into the swim lanes when switched to CARD VIEW. Currently, I have to manually edit the lanes and add the names. My manager said that when she switches to card view from grid view, the names automatically are added as she adds new people and assignments to the grid view of the project plan. Does anyone have any advice on where I should begin to find help find a solution?


CARD VIEW - The names I added (Heather and Darla), and there is a resource (Wanda) that is NOT on the GRID VIEW list but is showing up in CARD VIEW. I deleted Wanda from the Grid View but I will have to go in and manually edit the lane and delete her from the Values box.

Please help. There HAS to be a fix that will allow the 'Assigned to' column to automatically add new resources to card view as they are added in grid view.