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"Copy/paste task row with attachments"


Dear Smartsheet Team,

I have a suggestion for a new product feature that could greatly enhance efficiency! -- It would be fantastic if the copy/paste function not only replicated a task row but also included its associated links and attachments. This would be a tremendous time-saver for users like me.

Currently, I utilize Smartsheet's Project Tracking and Rollup Sheet to maintain a checklist of marketing tasks. Often, I need to collaborate with various support functions such as design, web marketing, email marketing, and editing, which require intake forms. I include links to these forms within the relevant tasks on my checklist to ensure organization. Additionally, I have tasks and links related to publishing final works across different sites within our organization.

The problem is that I have to manually add the intake forms and publish links to each task row, even if the same task needs to be repeated for different projects on the same sheet. Having a "copy/paste task row with attachments" function would greatly reduce this repetitive work.

By implementing this feature, I would be able to work more efficiently and keep my checklist up to date. This would not only benefit me but also provide my colleagues, supervisors, and higher-ups with real-time visibility into my progress.

If needed, I am more than happy to provide additional context through a screen-sharing session to clarify my point too!

Thank you for considering my suggestion!

Best, Maya

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  • Ruben Romero

    Wow! I googled this assuming that it was a feature that already existed. My team would also greatly benefit from this functionality.

    Kinda weird you can send to other sheets with attachments but not "paste special" to the same sheet.