I am getting an error while Provisioning a Project via Control center with Resoure Management


I have used a working Control center blueprint to set up another one that is integrated by resource management using the steps here https://help.smartsheet.com/articles/2482511-use-resource-management-with-control-center. I am using a reseller demo account for this

The new Control Center blueprint was successfully created. However when i am trying to provision an approved proejct with this new blueprint, the following error pops up. I have anonymized the email id

Project Provisioning Error message: "Control Center was unable to create the Resource Management project. Error: 'This project could not be created because the Resource Management user “[email protected]“ has multiple user accounts in this organization associated with this email address. Contact your System Admin to ensure there are no duplicate emails across user accounts and create the project again. Or change the project owner in the intake sheet to someone else."

As sysadmin, i checked, there is no duplicate user in the smart sheet licensed user list. Even on the Resource management site- there is only 1 user with this email listed in the team details. Can anyone help me to understand what is missing?