Record time against a project that I'm not assigned to

A problem came to light where a Project Manager (access level “Project Editor”) wanted to record some timesheet hours against a project that he hadn’t previously been assigned to. He accessed his “Time and Expenses” screen and clicked “report time for something else” but no options were presented, even when he typed into the search box.

In an ideal world, all colleagues would be assigned in advance to the projects that they’re doing work for, but I can imagine a number of scenarios where an individual (with any access level) might need to record time to other than their assigned projects, for example:

  • Can you help me to solve this this problem…?
  • I’ve got a couple of spare hours, would you like some help?
  • Could you do a peer review on this code that I have written?
  • I can’t attend this meeting, could you go in my place please?

Is there any way that we can unlock the “report time for something else” for all users, without giving everybody a higher access level than they need for all their other activities?