Multiple Location in One Intake Sheet for one project

Hello All,

We will have one project that will have multiple locations (that has other information such as num of people, city, country, name etc...).

Since we have one intake sheet and as the new project comes in, new rows gets created. Our current solution is to create just a separate location sheet where folks can go and add multiple location based on the project ID from the intake sheet.

But the issue is, how do we link those multiple location later once the project is created (b/c we will only have one project created even if it has multiple locations) ??

Anybody has worked on something similar where they have handled multiple locations for one single project?? is there way to automate this??


  • Matt Johnson
    Matt Johnson ✭✭✭✭✭✭

    Hi @PKafley

    I've worked on multi-site programs in a couple different ways. Somtimes its maintenance on apartments within buildings at an Apartment complex. Other times its to install a lot microwaves across a bunch of stores in a very short timeframe. Here's how I've approached it.

    Low Scope / High Volume - When its only a few scope items and will mostly be managed at the program level, I've created the Project Template to be a Master Tracker format. So the Project Template is basically a Program Template with Projects listed (and added whenever) in the 1st column and all the scope listed across the top, in column headers.

    Standard Process - If there's enough scope in each location, then I would consider making each Location a Project and all the projects rolling up to a Program, and then all Programs rolling up to your Portfolio. At the location/project level there would be a column for which project/program the location belongs too. That could be helpful when tracking change orders or punch items by GC who might be working on several Projects/Programs.

    If you are using Control Center, maybe investigate multi-tier blueprints to further help automate the rollup process.

    I hope that helps. If you have more questions, ask away.


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  • PKafley
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    Hello @Matt Johnson,

    Thank you so much for your detail reply :) truly appreciate it.

    For the initial process of gathering information about the project we have Intake sheet that has different columns, including location column. In that it make sense to have one location listed, but let's say Project x has multiple location where same sets of work is being done under one project schedule.

    How do we make sure all the location listed in a separate sheet for project x is coming through to that project x schedule?

    As we are not trying to create a multiple project for different location. We just one project template for that Project x that might have multiple different location such as for V&A project would have.

    Also, we are using a new blueprint for this implementation.