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I am trying to fix a formula that only partially works. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

I have one column, labeled Account# with various drop-down options, multi-select.

I have a second column labeled Multiple Accounts that is a checkbox column indicating when 2 or more accounts have been selected in the Account# column.

In a third column, labeled Allocation, I am trying to use the following formula:

=IF(CONTAINS("1012127330", [Account#]@row), IF(AND([Multiple Accounts]@row = "1"), ([GRAND TOTAL]@row * 0.134), ([GRAND TOTAL]@row)))

Syntax-wise this works; however, I am only getting the GRAND TOTAL at row calculation each time, regardless of whether Multiple accounts is checked or not.

My goal is that when account # "1012127330" is selected AND another account # is also selected, the grand total should be multiplied by 0.134; otherwise, when ONLY the 1012127330 is selected, then the GRAND TOTAL should show.


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