Formula to determine Duplicate items copied from one sheet to another


I have multiple sheets feeding this sheet. When items are modified changed updated or added they get copied to this master sheet. The newest items are the ones I have highlighted in yellow which I want to identify as the "Latest", that way I can have it auto move the out dated row to an archive sheet.

This is the current formula I am using but I cant seem to get it to work just right.

=IF(COUNTIFS([DevOps ID]:[DevOps ID], [DevOps ID]@row, [DevOps ID]:[DevOps ID], [DevOps ID]@row) > 1, IF([Created Date]@row = MAX(COLLECT([Created Date]:[Created Date], [DevOps ID]:[DevOps ID], [DevOps ID]@row, [DevOps ID]:[DevOps ID], [DevOps ID]@row)), "Latest", "Out-Dated"), "N/A")

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