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Enhancements Needed for "Generate Document"


I was very excited about the new feature for generating documents from a sheet row and being able to send it out for DocuSign approval. My first attempt to use it was for a volunteer application. I wanted to send applicants a copy of the information they had provided through an application form, add some additional consent language, and get them to approve it with DocuSign. I went through learning how to construct a fillable PDF and did the mapping between Smartsheet columns and PDF fields but the only fields that completed successfully were text/number fields. Of particular concern was dropdown lists with multiple selections, which are critical for data analysis and consistency in generating metrics. I tried a number of iterations including matching the column formatting on the PDF and Smartsheet, and alternately setting all the PDF fields to text but no format was successful except reconstructing the entire dropdown list within the PDF (to duplicate the listing in the sheet). Obviously, this is a problem because any change to the sheet would break the Generate Document function. I was told by Support that dropdown lists are just not functional in this feature. That really makes it unusable for me and I am hoping that this can be addressed in future updates. Ideally, I would like to be able to get the selected dropdown items being listed with a comma in between if multiple items are selected from the list.

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