Counting each of the values in a multi-contact field


I have a primary sheet where team members are dropped into a contact column if they're working on a project. So the Contact column for any given project row might have one contact or three contacts in it. Then we have a project status column.

Example... (Project Name Column | Team Contact Column | Status)

Project 1 | Kate

Project 2 | Kate, Aaron, Kara

On another sheet, I've built out a summary sheet for the various team contacts and the status of their projects. I have it setup to pull the following (screenshot) using this formula:

=COUNTIFS({Business Leads Involved Staff}, PARENT(Metric@row), {Business Leads Status}, Metric@row)

HOWEVER, if I have two team members in the team contact column, it will ONLY count the first one and ignores the rest.

Is there a way via formula I can better pull out any additional team members so they get their credit for projects?

Appreciate any insights! Thank you!


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