New ways to access Data Shuttle from within sheets

Danielle Wilson
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Hi Community, 

We’ve added several new access points to Data Shuttle as well as making it easier to create Data Shuttle workflows.

You can now initiate the process of creating Data Shuttle workflows from within the following sheet menu options:

  • Connections 
  • File>Import 
  • File>Export 

Within the “Connections” menu, users shared to a sheet at any permissions level will be able to select “Create workflow” to initialize a workflow or “Manage Workflows” to view the Data Shuttle workflows that use this sheet as a source, target, or have the sheet name in the name of the workflow. 

When initiating the creation of a Data Shuttle workflow from File>Import or File>Export, either an upload or offload workflow will be pre-populated with your sheet as the source / target. 

Data Shuttle is available for licensed users on the Business plan, Enterprise plan, and/or Advance Silver/Gold/Platinum users. Learn more about Data Shuttle here. If you have Data Shuttle on your plan and would like it enabled for your user account, reach out to your System Administrator and request that they enable Data Shuttle in your user permissions

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